We need to change. The world we’ve created needs to change.

It often feels like it’s one big, burning ball of anger and destruction, and the news media is great at telling us this is so. (Which only makes the anger and destruction expand, along with their ratings.)

We need each other. Community. Connection. It’s central to how we humans evolved to the point where we were able to build civilizations and the technologies that support them.

Change and connection often go hand in hand.

This invitation is from Jeremy's website. If you're curious, click to see the network in action.

Social Media, or ...

I have to be honest. I don’t see social media as the way to build community. Not anymore.

It can help promote. It can connect. But community?

I’ve been trying something new and, so far, I see a lot of potential: I like to call them networks of focus. These are places where you can find people who share your interests and concerns, and want to discuss and learn about them together with you. It feels like a meeting of the minds.

We humans have always gravitated to such places: churches, clubs, and sports teams are some that come to mind.

I find myself gravitating to this one. Maybe I’ll see you there.