"Facts. Connection. Action."

That’s their tagline and that pretty much sums it up.

The project of putting this book together is an example of how effective we humans can be when we work together.

In the late Summer of 2021, Seth Godin put out the call to his followers. If we were interested in helping, we were to add our name to the list and tell him a bit about ourselves. People from all over the world came together and this is the result.

Less than a year later, on the day of the 2022 Summer Solstice (June 21st), the book will hit the shelves. You can pre-order it now. (Note: This is an Amazon Canada link. Go there or to your favourite bookstore.)

I was honoured to receive an invitation from Seth and, for a short time, joined the content and editing team. I wish it could’ve been for longer, but care-giving and work grew large. Sometimes, we can’t help the timing of things.

Anyway, check out the website and the effort that continues on a global scale. You might want to subscribe to join the “Daily Difference”, an email with tips on what all of us can do to create meaningful change for our Earth.

There’s also a Carbon Almanac for Kids, and I hear tree planting and chocolate are involved.

Book endorsed by Jane Goodall
Copy of Dr. Goodall's endorsement from The Carbon Alamanac website.

A Final Anecdote

In Grade Six, we spent a lot of time on a unit about chimpanzees. (It’s funny the things we remember no matter how much time passes.) My best friend and I couldn’t get enough of the 8mm films of Jane Goodall with her chimps, speaking in our most proper British accent for hours after.

I would never have believed that one day I’d be involved in a project receiving her endorsement. 

Thanks so much to Seth Godin for the fantastic opportunity!