About Me

Tracey Ormerod
When I’m not working with my camera, there’s always my words. I’m a graduate of The Humber School for Writers and recently completed my Masters degree in Creative and Critical Writing through the University of Gloucestershire (UK).

My first novel is in progress, a project started at Humber, continued at UGlos, and stalled due to COVID-19.

I’m now dusting myself off to continue my creative journey, anticipating a new home with the promise of new beginnings.

It means substantive changes to my novel project, plus a new project that my husband and I will create together. We have a story to tell and wisdom to share, so stay tuned!

To read more of my writing, you can find me on Medium.

I hope you enjoy my photography! I’m still working on getting things set up the way I’d like so, until then, please contact me via email or social media (links below) to purchase my prints.