I Am …

Out on the lake

Anglo SAxon + Old French + Old Scandinavian

The Ormerod name goes way, way back in British history. The first recorded ancestor in Lancashire was Matthew de Hormerodes, roughly around 1270 AD.

The Old Scandinavian name Ormr and the Old English word rod, (“forest clearing”) combined to mean “clearing of a man named Ormr.” It seems Ormr lived in or near a clearing in a forest.

Until spelling became a thing, scribes used to spell names by the way they sounded. In the Middle Ages, there were Ormerods, Omerods, Omrods, Ormrods and others.

As far as I know, I also have a touch of Irish in my roots.

I don’t have any “mix” percentages. I could take the genetics test, but I haven’t and, for all I know, I could have many other identities in my blood.

However, I know for certain that I’m Canadian, at least that’s where I was born and it’s where the land claims me.

seriously, who are you?

I am a woman, daughter, cousin, step-daughter, mother, wife, step-mother, and step-grandmother.

I am a friend.

What matters to you?

My friends and family, who are often one and the same.

Dora, my dog and constant companion.

My home, which may be as small as the room where I sleep, or as massive as Earth herself, but is often somewhere in-between.

My spirituality, which is in constant motion but rooted in knowing that I’m part of something greater than I can conceive, whether you choose to call it “God”, “Allah”, “Jehovah”, “Yahweh”, “Gaia”, or simply “All That Is”.

My work. It’s what I do.

Everything is connected, including all of the above.

What do you do?

I’m a writer and fledgling photographic artist.

I graduated from The Humber School for Writers and hold a Master’s degree in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Gloucestershire (UK).

My photographs have been published in tourist guides.

My writing has been technical and educational, but now I’m starting to try new things. (See The Carbon Almanac.)

I plan on branching out more, with my writing and my art.

So here

... I Am